Content & Ads

Inserts content and Ads in time real of form personalized and non-intrusive within them talks of messaging SMS / Text using a “banner” advertising giving a source additional of income to the operator.

It also allows the integration of messaging with social networks

Administration of Geo content

Solutions for marketing Mobile and dynamic that offer a combination exclusive of geo-content in time real.


Catalogues dynamic

Designer of gardens, creator of pools, Builder, Chief of project: what such a visit guided of your houses, gardens, pools and projects made to measure for your customers? Geo-content applications function as dynamic catalogs of your work – allow you to show your achievements in a click and be directed to your customers so that they can see for themselves. Can you imagine a better business card?

APPS for cities

The ideal response to the needs of simple and effective communication that our city has with its citizens and tourists. Using the platform of communication of our solution, the cities are capable of publish information on exhibitions, concerts, meetings cultural, events sports, etc. APPS are perfect audio guides to help us find out – in real time and real place – all our cities offer us.

APPS for communities

Business associations, volunteer networks, support organizations: our solutions help your community maintain the contact between its members and locate their activities via geographical. Which local stores today have special messages that bring to the residents of the neighborhood? What firefighters, operators, or donor of blood will be today locatable in case of emergency?